7 Best AI Tools For Assignment Writing For Students In 2024

AI Tools are very helpful for students who want to solve assignments or homework. If you are looking to gain better marks in the class by solving assignments using AI Tools, this article is perfect for you.

AI can automate various tasks like grammar checking, summarizing sources, and generating outlines, freeing up time for research, critical thinking, and revision. These tools are helpful for all tasks suggest alternative phrasings and correct grammatical errors.

Best AI Tools For Assignment Writing Free In 2024

There are many AI tools in the market to solve the Assignments quickly. Many tools are free to Write assignments. Each tool has its strength. For example, some tools are good for solving math problems, while many tools are good for research purposes.

1. Yomu AI

Yomu AI

Yomu AI is an affordable AI writing assistant that provides real-time feedback and suggestions to help students and writers improve their writing skills. It supports multiple languages, including English, Japanese, Chinese, and Spanish, and is designed to be a cost-effective tool for high school language assignments, college-level research papers, and academic writing in general.

It offers a freemium pricing model with a free trial available for users to test its features before committing to a subscription. It is also compatible with various devices and can be integrated with third-party tools.

It is trusted by universities and academics due to comprehensive suggestions, grammar and spelling checks, vocabulary enhancement, style and tone customization, and collaboration tools.

Yomu AI Pros

  • Affordable and accessible, with a freemium pricing model.
  • Produces more concise and coherent sentences.
  • Offers paraphrasing features to convert colloquial text into academic writing.
  • Allows users to filter citation sources and add citations manually.
  • Provides an advanced plagiarism checker.
  • Lightweight functionality and user-friendly interface.

Yomu AI Cons

  • AI-generated sentences may require additional editing and contextualization.
  • Some AI-generated language may lack clarity and fail to provide a strong introduction or context.
  • Citation suggestions may not always align perfectly with the subject matter and require manual cross-referencing.

Yomu AI is a promising tool for students, researchers, and academic professionals, offering a versatile and user-friendly writing aid that can help improve the writing process and enhance academic integrity. 

2. Caktus AI

Caktus AI

Caktus AI is an AI-based platform designed to help students with various academic and writing tasks. It offers features such as essay writing, generating new ideas, formatting documents in MLA or APA style, and providing help with coding assignments. 

It also includes a professional human editing service for more refined work. Caktus AI is accessible through a user-friendly interface and is available on the Apple Store as an app with a Chrome extension also available. 

Caktus AI is not only for students but also for teachers, as it offers a range of AI-based tools and applications for educators, including chatbots and software that can grade essays and provide feedback.

Caktus AI was developed by Tao Zhang and Harrison Leonard, and it has a community and support system, including a Discord channel for user queries.


  • It supports various programming languages and delivers efficient code outputs.
  • It offers a combination of tools for writing assignments, including coding and fun creative tasks.
  • It has good speed and accuracy for academic content.
  • This tool offers extensive support for coding across various programming languages.


  • Caktus AI does not offer a free plan.
  • For newcomers, Caktus AI may require some time to get accustomed.

Overall, Caktus AI offers huge benefits for students and professionals.

3. Writefull Academizer

Writefull Academizer

 It is a writing tool designed to help students and researchers improve their academic writing skills. It is an AI-based platform that provides feedback on grammar, style, and vocabulary, and it also offers suggestions for improving the clarity and accuracy of written content.

This tool analyzes text and provides feedback based on a vast database of academic texts. This platform uses natural language processing (NLP) algorithms to identify common errors and suggest corrections.

It also offers other features, including a plagiarism checker, a citation generator, and a tool for checking the readability of written content.

One disadvantage of Writefull Academizer is that it relies heavily on AI and may not always provide the nuanced feedback that a human editor or proofreader could offer.


  • It helps users identify and correct common errors to improve writing skills.
  • It offers a wide range of synonyms and alternative phrases to help improve clarity.
  • It has a plagiarism checker to ensure that the work is original.
  • It is available as a plugin for Microsoft Word and Google Docs.


  • It may not always provide the level of feedback that a human editor or proofreader could offer.
  • While the platform is free to use, some of its more advanced features require a paid subscription.

Overall, Writefull Academizer is a useful tool for students and researchers looking to improve their academic writing skills. Its AI-based approach provides users with a range of feedback and suggestions for improving their writing.

4. Doctrina AI

Doctrina AI

Doctrina AI is an educational platform powered by artificial intelligence that offers various AI tools such as an Essay Generator, Exam Generator, Quiz Generator, and a Chatbot AI assistant specifically trained to cater to academic queries and discussions. 

It is designed to enhance the learning experience while maintaining the importance of active learning, critical thinking, and personal input. It also provides a Software Development Kit (SDK) for educational institutions to integrate these AI tools into their own systems, 

It is built on the powerful GPT-3 language model from OpenAI, and it is designed to help students and children study better and adapt to the new challenges of remote and online learning.


  • It enhances the learning experience by targeting specific areas where a student may need more practice.
  • It allows users to focus more on studying and less on preparation.
  • Its interactive quizzes and exams generated by Doctrina AI encourage active learning.
  • Teachers can use the platform to quickly create tests and quizzes.
  • It is a powerful AI assistant for academic tasks, including complex questions, book recommendations, and homework help.


  • Limited Free Version Features.
  • Lack of History and Save Features.

Overall, Doctrina AI offers personalized learning, time efficiency, and assignment solutions, but it has been criticized for false positives in its security configuration, and limited features in the free version.

5. Geleza

Geleza is an AI-driven learning platform designed for high school and college students. It offers tools to simplify learning and exam preparation. This platform is helpful for homework, writing, and exam generation as well as connections to professional tutors for help with lessons and assignments.

This platform features a user-friendly interface with a classroom portal that includes Zeda Chat, Zeda Writer, PrepPal, and Smart Tools. Geleza aims to provide a comprehensive learning experience for students to achieve their academic goals.

It also offers science experiments, stationery, and other educational resources. Geleza AI also has a separate entity that focuses on AI-driven tools for businesses.


  • It helps with homework, writing, and exam preparation.
  • It provides affordable pricing with a free trial period.
  • It offers a user-friendly interface with a classroom portal.
  • It allows students to create and find lessons to connect with tutors, practice exams, complete assignments, and ask questions to tutors anytime


  • Limited subject coverage

Overall, Geleza is a useful platform for students looking to simplify their learning and exam preparation. It offers a range of AI-driven tools and features, a user-friendly interface, and affordable pricing with a free trial period.

6. Sourcely


It is an AI-powered tool designed to help students and researchers find high-quality sources more efficiently. It allows users to find sources based on essay titles or content, generate credible summaries, and filter results by publication year and citations. 

It offers both free and paid plans with the paid plans providing additional features such as the ability to paste entire essays and download free PDFs of sources.

Sourcely is trusted by over 10,000 students, researchers, and industry experts and is used by most popular institutions like Harvard, MIT, and Stanford.


  • Quick and easy source finding.
  • Ability to paste entire essays for source generation.
  • PDF downloads of sources.
  • Filter results by publication year and citations.
  • Trusted by popular institutions and over 10,000 users.


  • Its free plan has limitations, such as being restricted to 300 characters for source finding.
  • Paid plans are required for full access to all features.
  • It is only available in English.

Overall, Sourcely is designed to help students and researchers find high-quality academic sources more efficiently.

7. Blainy


Blainy is a research paper writing support tool that uses AI to simplify the research process and improve the quality of research papers. It offers a free version with limited features and an Unlimited Plan with a free trial period.

Blainy is designed for both students and researchers to streamline the research paper writing process for academic and professional purposes. It handles in-text citations in various styles (APA, MLA, IEEE, Harvard).

This tool will increase research paper writing speed by up to 20 times. It prioritizes user data privacy, ensuring that user data is secure and not shared with third parties.


  • Offer instant research support to make the research process more efficient and effective.
  • Handle in-text citations in various styles (APA, MLA, IEEE, Harvard) with precision and accuracy.
  • Increase research paper writing speed by up to 20 times.
  • Achieve over 14k+ A+ grades in academic papers.
  • Provide a user-friendly interface for both students and researchers.
  • Offer a free version with limited features and an Unlimited Plan with a free trial period.


  • Its free version has limited features
  • Blainy is a relatively new tool, and its long-term impact on academic success may not be fully established.

Overall, Blainy.com is an AI-powered tool designed to simplify and enhance the research paper writing process for students and researchers. 


I have shared the 7 best tools for all types of students who want to solve their assignments. All tools have free versions with limitations, but you can upgrade the tools if the tools are useful for your needs.

Which AI tool is best for assignment writing?

Doctrina AI is one of the best tools that offers various AI tools such as an Essay Generator, Exam Generator, Quiz Generator, and a Chatbot AI assistant specifically trained to cater to academic queries and discussions. 

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