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Ask Codi is an AI coding assistant that offers a variety of features to make coding faster, easier, and more efficient. It provides an interactive workspace for code creation, explanation, and testing. It is also a plugin for IntelliJ IDEs on JetBrains Marketplace. This tool provides real-time suggestions and helps developers with code-related queries.
It increase productivity in your next coding project.
It helps coders to code faster by providing a set of coding tools

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If you are looking for an AI Code generator, AskCodi is the best platform because it supports 50+ languages and turns complex coding tasks into smooth and manageable processes. It is a cloud and AI-based coding assistant for developers.

AskCodi is an AI code assistant designed to help coders code faster by providing a set of coding tools. It is powered by an open AI codex and is available for free and paid options. It has everything you need to streamline your workflow and enhance your productivity. 

It allows users to ask for help, offer help, or just chat about anything related to coding. It is the best tool for beginners to start their coding journey and expert users to optimize their coding process. It is the ultimate toolkit for every coder.

AskCodi Review

AskCodi is an AI coding assistant that helps developers work faster and more efficiently. It is a cost-effective tool that saves them time on research and programming. It offers features like code generation, autocomplete, and integration with popular IDEs.

It can generate code based on your natural language questions, and create automated tests to catch bugs. It supports multiple programming languages and integrates with popular IDEs for a seamless workflow.

It also offers live chat with experts who can answer your specific questions in various programming languages and difficulty levels. It also has a community for learning, sharing, and growing as a coder.


  • Ask Codi is an AI assistant that helps developers code.
  • It has a free tier and paid plans with more features.
  • It can generate code, autocomplete existing code, create documentation, and answer questions about code.
  • Ask Codi integrates with popular IDEs (Integrated Development Environments) like VS Code and PyCharm.
  • It’s different from searching online forums because it offers live chat with experts.


  • Its slow response times can be frustrating on tight deadlines.
  • It has limited training data, so it might not handle all situations.
  • It can be expensive for some users with subscription fees.

If you’re a developer looking to boost your productivity and code quality, AskCodi is definitely worth checking out.

How to Use AskCodi?

Step 1: Open The Website

Access the website by the following URL (

Step 2: Create Account

AskCodi Account

Join the platform by signup. I have logged into this platform with Google. When a user logs in on this, It allows them to use each feature of this platform.

Step 3: Choose The Tool

AskCodi Tools

It offers tools for Code Writers, Code Analysis, Code Helpers, and Visual Coding. Users can choose the tool according to their needs. It is the best feature for users to develop the app in a few seconds.

Step 4: Choose Language and Write Prompt

AskCodi code generation

I have selected the Programming language Python 3 and written prompt (write a code to convert an image from PNG to web). Its AI creates a code in a few seconds.

Step 5: Copy the Code

It also provides the option to copy the code and use it on their projects. It also provides additional guidelines for using the code.

AskCodi Pricing

AskCodi Offer 3 Plans:

  • Free plans with 50 Credits.
  • Premium Plan (Cost $8.99) with Unlimited access to basic model and Limited Access to advanced model.
  • Ultimate plan (Cost $24.99) with Unlimited access to basic and advanced Models.

AskCodi Alternatives

  1. CodeAssist: It is a code assistant and chatbot designed to help programmers generate or modify code based on their desired changes.
  2. Tabnine: It is a code assistant tool that helps developers write code faster in their favorite IDE. 
  3. Code GPT: It is a powerful AI-driven VS Code Extension that streamlines your coding experience.


AskCodi is an AI assistant designed to make coding faster and easier. It can generate code based on your natural language questions. It is a comprehensive AI assistant that can help developers of all skill levels write code more efficiently and effectively.

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