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Musicfy Lol
Musicfy Lol is the best AI tool to create music with own voice. It allows users to create their own covers of their favorite songs in just seconds. Its AI technology will help you to create AI voices, create voice clones, and produce music that is free from copyright constraints. Its pack of features empowers your AI music abilities like never before.
Easily create music using your own voice.
It converts your vocals into an AI model that sounds just like you singing.

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Nowadays, Music Creation with AI is not a difficult task. AI can convert simple voices into music sounds. If you are looking for an AI tool that will convert your own voice into a sound just like you singing, Musicfy Lol is the best platform because it allows you to generate your own compositions using only your voice.

This is the best tool to transform your words and emotions into exquisite songs. It is the best tool for artists, musicians, creators, and songwriters looking to explore new ideas. It also offers a music library of popular songs from various artists.

Musicfy Lol is designed to produce high-quality sound that mimics natural human vocals. It offers many features that streamline collaboration and enhance artistic vision.

If you are a musician and want to save your valuable time, use this tool to spread up the creation process. It is useful for anyone who wants to experiment with creating, remixing, or discovering AI covers of popular songs.

Musicfy Lol Review

Musicfy is a music generation tool designed to transform vocals into a unique AI model. It is the best tool for creating royalty-free albums, custom AI voice models, and streamlining collaboration. It has unique features like AI-driven voice transformation and text-to-music capabilities.

It aims to make music creation efficient, collaborative, and inspired using the trending artificial intelligence capabilities. It offers free vocals for all users to use without any copyright issues.

Its other main feature is its text-to-music generator. It can easily turn your vision into music. Users can easily transform your words and emotions into beautiful songs.


  • Generate realistic AI-produced vocals that emulate the sound of your favorite artists.
  • Just upload a voice, and it will create an AI model that can sing any melody.
  • It has a free starter plan that offers 5 generations for free.
  • Users can effortlessly compose their own original songs.
  • It has a seamless and intuitive music-making process to empower users to bring their musical ideas to life.
  • It converts text into original melodies and compositions for songs by typing lyrics, descriptions, or emotions.


  • Limited free version.
  • Not good for advanced compositions.

How to Use Musicfy Lol?

It is easy to use, even beginners can create music using this platform.

Access The Website

Just enter a text into Google Musicfy Lol and open the first link. You can also directly open the URL (

Create an Account

Click on the try for free button. Users can use its functionality by creating an account. I have joined this platform by signing up with Google.

Convert Voice


Its AI Vocals allow users to generate studio-quality singing vocals simply by adding an audio file, recording it, or even pasting a YouTube video URL.

I have chosen the song of Juice WRLD and uploaded my voice record. After that, Click on the generate button. In a few seconds, it converts my voice into complete music.

Text To Music


This tool also allows users to convert text into original melodies and compositions for films, videos, and songs. It is easy to use, Just enter your vision in the text format and click on the generate button. It takes a few seconds to generate the sounds.

Download The Music

When it converts your text to music, you can easily play or download the music. I have also played my own music, and its quality was good.

Musicfy Pricing

Musicfy offers a free version with limited options. Users can easily utilize its all features by joining the paid version.

  • Its Starter Plan cost is $9.99 Monthly with 2 custom voices.
  • Its Professional Plan cost is $24.99 Monthly with 6 custom voices.
  • Its Studio Plan cost is $69.99 Monthly with 30 custom voices.

In all plans, You will get the following features.

  • Unlimited Generations
  • Unlock All Musicfy & Community Voices
  • Fastest Speed
  • Commercial License (Not available in Starter Plan)

Musicfy Alternatives

  1. Splash Pro: It is an AI music generator that lets you create songs and music from all sorts of genres. 
  2. FineShare Singify: It can easily turn your favorite songs into unique and personalized masterpieces with the power of AI.
  3. Cassette AI: It enables musicians and producers to create high-quality, royalty-free music that is tailored to their needs.

What is musicfy lol?

Musicfy is an AI voice and music generation tool to simplify and enhance the music creation process. Users can easily create their own AI model and streamline collaboration. It allows you to create music using your own voice. It converts your vocals into an AI model that sounds just like you singing.

Is Musicfy free?

Musicfy offers a free version with limited options. Users can easily utilize its all features by joining the paid version. Its Starter Plan cost is $9.99 and Professional Plan cost is $24.99 Monthly.


Musicfy is a game-changer in the creation of music. Its AI-driven features and affordable pricing plans make it a valuable tool for musicians of all levels. I have tried this platform, its output is not only quick but also maintains a standard of excellence in terms of sound quality.

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