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Phrasly is an AI paraphrasing and rewriting tool that specializes in transforming AI-generated content into human-like text that is undetectable by AI detectors. It also has a powerful grammar checker and supports various languages. Its generated content can easily bypass AI detectors like Turnitin and GPTZero. It aims to infuse a human touch into texts produced by AI platforms like ChatGPT and Gemini.
Transform AI-generated content into undetectable AI.
It is designed to bypass popular detectors like

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If you are looking for an AI tool that will transform AI-generated text into natural, human-like writing, Phrasly is the best platform because it is designed to transform AI-generated content into undetectable text. It specializes in making AI content undetectable, and perfect for maintaining academic integrity. 

Phrasly will rewrite your AI-generated text to remove detection by tools like GPTZero, TurnItIn, and others. It is an excellent source for bloggers, content creators, students, SEO experts, marketers, and e-commerce ventures.

It saves time on your assignments, boosts grades, and easily bypasses AI detectors. It also offers a grammar checker to improve writing quality and accuracy. Phrasly says that if users do not get original content, they will refund users money.

It also offers a content summarizer, multi-lingual support, and a co-writer feature that helps users generate content ideas and outlines using AI. Users can export their content to various supported formats, such as Google Docs, Microsoft Word, and more.

Phrasly Review

If you need content for general writing, essays, articles, marketing materials, or more, Phrasly is the best platform because it has the ability to generate original text or paraphrase existing content while ensuring readability and a balanced human touch.

It is easy to use. Simply paste your content into the editor, adjust the writing preferences to your liking, and click on the humanize button to quickly bypass AI detectors.

It also allows you to customize the level of human-like writing. When you select the Easy option, then you can easily create humanizing blogs, marketing materials, or any other texts.

In the Medium option, It offers an ideal mix of human-like writing and top-notch quality. This level ensures that your content is not only undetectable but also engaging and well-written.

If you’re dealing with AI detectors that are too advanced, then use the Aggressive option that adds your text a more human touch and a natural feel.


  • It has the ability to transform AI-generated content into undetectable content. 
  • Improve your writing quality and accuracy by using its advanced grammar checker.
  • A game-changer for those looking to maintain the originality and human touch of their digital content.
  • It also offers a refund guarantee to ensure the authenticity and value of the content generated.
  • Its co-writer can help eliminate writer’s block by producing content ideas and outlines for you.
  • It supports multilingual content generation in languages including English, Spanish, French, and German. 


  • Sometimes, it does not provide accurate results.
  • Limited free Access

How to use Phrasly to remove AI detection?

Step 1: Create an Account on Phrasly


Access the website with the following URL ( Create an account with signup with Google.

Step 2: Explore AI Humanizer


After login, Use its Tool AI Humanizer. Paste the text and check for AI Content detection. When you paste AI-generated content on its edits, it will instantly show you how many paragraphs are written by AI.


If you want to remove the AI-generated content, click on its Humanize button. You can also choose the mode Easy, Medium, and Aggressive. After that, It will rewrite your AI-generated content.


I have also tested this platform by pasting some AI-generated content. It rewrites content to transform AI content to Humanize. When it rewrites content, I check its accuracy on GPT Zero. GPT Zero says that Phrasly generated content is 97% humanized. I really like its result.

Step 3: Explore AI Content Generator


Phrasly also allows users to create content. Open the Tool, Briefly describe your prompt, and Select writing purpose Article, Essay, Letter, Email, Story, Article, and Discussion Board/Question Response. After that, Select the word count according to your need.


After that, It generates some topics related to the prompt. I have selected a prompt and clicked on the button to generate content. Its content also has AI detection, but you can remove it with its humanized Tool.

Features of Phrasly AI

  • AI-Powered Writing and Paraphrasing: Users can rewrite the content to bypass AI detection and Create content related to any topic like essays or Blogs. It also generates unique and high-quality content in seconds.
  • AI Detector: This feature is available for free. Users can easily check AI detection. Just paste the Text and get a report of AI content.
  • AI Detector Bypass:  It is also a helpful tool for users who want to remove AI detection from content. Transform AI-generated content into human-like text which bypasses AI detectors such as GPTZero and TurnItIn.
  • Grammar Checker: If you don’t have strong knowledge of grammar then don’t worry it also has a powerful built-in grammar checker to detect and correct grammar mistakes for free.
  • Multilingual Support: It is a very useful tool worldwide because it generates content in multiple languages including English, Spanish, French, German, and more.
  • Co-Writer: Its co-writer feature will generate content ideas and outlines for you based on your topic and keywords.

Phrasly AI Pricing

Phrasly AI offers a free version with limited feature access. Its pro plan cost is $19.99 per month for a monthly plan and $10.99 per month for annual plan.

In the paid plan, You will get the following features:

  • Unlimited AI Humanizations
  • 15 AI Writer Generations/month
  • 2,500 words per process
  • Advanced AI Detection Bypass
  • Watermark and future-proof
  • Beta access to new AI tools

Phrasly AI Alternatives

  1. WriteHuman: It is a tool that helps transform AI-generated text into human-like writing, enabling users to bypass AI detection.
  2. HumanizeAI: It is designed to refine and rephrase text created by different AI writers, eliminating robotic undertones.
  3. HideMyAI: It transforms AI-generated content into authentic, human-like writing that remains undetectable by AI detectors.

Is Phrasly AI free?

Phrasly AI offers a free version. It allows users to humanize 300 words of AI content for free. Users can also generate 550 words for free.

What is Phrasly AI? is an AI-powered Writing for Writers that transforms AI-generated content into undetectable text. It is an essential asset for anyone seeking to enhance the quality and authenticity of their digital content.

Does Turnitin detect phrasly?

Yes, Phrasly.AI has successfully bypassed TurnItIn’s AI detector. If you’re dealing with AI detectors that are too advanced, then use the Aggressive option that adds your text a more human touch and a natural feel.


Phrasly.AI is the ultimate writing solution that allows you to create undetectable, human-like content. It offers powerful features to enhance your writing process and ensure authenticity and originality in your content.

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