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Pipiads is a TikTok ad spy tool to boost your marketing strategy. It is designed to enhance advertising performance. It is a powerful tool that helps you research, analyze, and monitor TikTok ads. It claims to call itself an all-in-one TikTok dropshipping solution. It will help you identify new opportunities to grow your business. Users will stay up to date with TikTok product trends before they go viral.
It is an all-in-one dropshipping tool to streamline your e-commerce journey.
It allows you to determines the specific type of ads that meet your goals.

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If you want to know about the trending ads of TikTok about the most trending products in the market, Pipiads is the best platform because it is an ads spy tool that allows you to monitor your competitors’ ad campaigns and help you to discover winning products. Its guide will help users to create high-performing ads of their own.

It is specifically designed to help marketers, advertisers, and e-commerce store owners find the best TikTok ads. It has an extensive database of TikTok ads. It has advanced filtering capabilities, so users can easily filter campaigns according to categories.

It allows you to identify the trending, viral, and high-performing products that are popular among users. Pipiads launched 3 years ago, now it has become the go-to solution for advertisers and marketers looking to succeed on TikTok. 

Pipiads Review

If you want to identify trends, understand competition, or create more effective ads, Pipiads is the best source because it is designed to help advertisers analyze and optimize their advertising strategies. It will find the highest quality ads on TikTok as well as winning dropshipping products.

I have also used this tool. According to my experience, Pipiads is an excellent source to increase sales. This tool not only saves you time but also increases sales of the businesses. It improves your online presence by helping you create a better business strategy, audience list, targeted niche, location target, etc.


  • It is one of the world’s leading TikTok ad collection platforms. 
  • It helps you identify new opportunities to grow your business.
  • It recommends products according to your registered niche.
  • It keeps you updated on the latest trends and information regarding your sales.
  • It allows you to discover your competitors’ top-performing ads and track their ad spend.
  • It provides insights into what’s working and allows users to make informed decisions about their campaigns.


  • Costly Plan
  • Limited Free Access

How to Use PipiAds to Find Trending TikTok Ads?

Step 1: Create an Account


Access the Tool with the following URL ( Click on the signup button. It allows you to create an account with an email address. Enter the name, password, company name, and phone number. After adding the necessary details. Click on the Create account button.

Step 2: Search the Products and Set Up Filters


It gives you various filters so you can narrow down your search. First, I set on the “Country Region”, which for me is the PK, and I will choose Woocomerce as a platform. Next, I have selected the “Category”.  Now, once I set all the filters, I have started searching for my products.

Step 3: Researching Winning Products 


I have scrolled down the products to find the profitable product. I have also checked many products related to different categories. Its filter system is awesome.

Features of PipiAds

PipiAds Features
  1. Find winning Products: PipiAds allows users to easily locate products that have a high record of attracting traffic. It recommends products according to your registered niche.
  2. Track Competitor Ads: It is your ads spy. It helps you to find competitors performing ads and what strategies they used. It also helps you see how others who have been in the business are doing theirs.
  3. Finds Winning Products: Users can easily find the winning products by checking the hottest new products by applying the Release Date filter and the most popular products by applying the impression filter.
  4. Access Quality Ad Material: Pipiads is the biggest searchable database for TikTok ads. It offers quality ad material that can help you run your TikTok Ads more effectively. Its ad material can help you navigate profitable niches that can boost your revenue.
  5. PPSPY Extension: It is a powerful addition to the PiPiADS tool because it is a Shopify spy tool that allows you to track sales, and analyze store themes, and operations. Using this extension, Users can also identify top-selling products.

Pipiads Video Tutorial

PipiAds Pricing

PipiAds Starter plan cost is $77 Per Month.

  • 200 ads per query
  • 50 ad details per day
  • 50 product details per day
  • 50 advertisers per query
  • 50 advertiser details per day
  • 50 Tiktok Shop details per day
  • Unlimited Winning Product
  • For 1 person

PipiAds VIP plan cost is $155 Per Month.

  • 2000 ads per query
  • 200 ad details per day
  • 200 product details per day
  • 1000 advertisers per query
  • 200 advertiser details per day
  • 200 Tiktok Shop details per day
  • Unlimited Winning Product
  • For 1 person

PipiAds Pro plan cost is $263 Per Month.

  • 5000 ads per query
  • 1000 ad details per day
  • 1000 product details per day
  • 3000 advertisers per query
  • 1000 advertiser details per day
  • 1000 Tiktok Shop details per day
  • Unlimited Winning Product
  • For 5 person

PipiAds Alternatives

  1. Minea: It is a powerful e-commerce tool that simplifies and automates dropshipping.
  2. SellerCount: It is a powerful analytics platform that provides trends of sellers on various e-commerce platforms.
  3. Peeksta: It is a tool that simplifies every aspect of your e-commerce business, from finding winning products.

What are PiPiADS used for?

PiPiADS is a Spy tool for finding trending products on TikTok. It offers a valuable solution to identify trending products. It helps users discover the hottest and most popular products in the market.

How much are Pipi ads per month?

Pipi ads offer 3 paid plans. Its starter plan cost is $77 Per Month, the VIP plan cost is $155 Per Month, and the Pro plan cost is $263 Per Month.

Is PiPiADS worth it?

Yes, PiPiADS has a good worth of money and time if you are looking for a TikTok ads spy tool. It helps advertisers gain valuable insights into their advertising strategies. 


It is a valuable resource for advertisers looking to spy on TikTok ads. Its excellent features make it an awesome choice for anyone in the online business or dropshipping industry. It allows users to optimize their advertising strategies and target audiences effectively.

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