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Songtell helps you discover the meanings behind the lyrics of any song. Users can easily know about the stories, emotions, and messages behind the songs they love. Easy to use, Simply search the song from the collection of over 800,000. Next, Select the song automatically, Its AI will show you all the meaning or story of the song in text format. It is available for free, and  SongMeaning AI  is the best alternative to Songtell.
Find the meaning behind lyrics through the power of AI
Know about the true meaning and context of the music you enjoy.

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If you want to know the captivating stories and meanings behind song lyrics, Songtell is the best tool because it has a collection of over 800,000 song meanings. Just enter the name of the song and read the story and meaning of the song in the text format.

It digs deeper into songs to uncover the inspirations, emotions, and narratives that brought them to life. Songtell utilizes advanced artificial intelligence to analyze lyrics and extract key details, themes, and concepts from songs. 

Have a favorite song and want to know the story of that song in a text format, utilize Songtell because it is trained on an extensive database of musical knowledge.  

Whether you’re looking to understand the verses of your favorite song or want to know about the meaning behind the latest music trends, Songtell is the best source.

It allows users to search through an extensive repertoire of song meanings, as well as even send a request for new AI-generated explanations. Users can also explore its subreddit r/songtell feature where users can share the musical compositions and their meanings.

How to Use Songtell to find the meaning of the Song?

Step 1: Access the Website


Open the website using the following URL ( It is not available as a mobile, Users can only access the website on a web browser.

Step 2: Search the Song


It offers a library of songs with meaning. When you search for the song on its search bar, it will show you the list of songs that will match your search. Select the song to know the meaning.

Step 3: Know the Meaning of the song


When you select a song, it will redirect you to a new page, where you will know about all the meaning and story of the song. It also recommends the other songs of those artists you have selected. It also recommends songs with similar meanings.

Pros and Cons of Songtell


  • Unravel the hidden meanings and stories woven into song lyrics.
  • It also allows you to send a request for new AI-generated explanations. 
  • Get a deeper understanding of lyrical artistry and songwriting techniques.
  • Find new songs and artists based on themes and lyrical content.
  • Gain info related to the latest stories, playlists, and more that cater to music enthusiasts like you.
  • It uses NLP and ML to analyze the lyrics and provide you with insights, interpretations, and explanations.


  • Limited song library.
  • It may not always perfectly capture the artist’s intent.

Songtell Use Cases

  • Music Enthusiasts: Upgrade your knowledge and appreciation of music beyond the surface level.
  • Songwriters: Search inspiration and insights from analyzing the works of other lyricists.
  • Educators: Teachers can use this tool in music classes to provide deep understanding.
  • Anyone Curious About Lyrics: Satisfy your curiosity about the stories behind the songs you love.

Songtell Pricing

Songtell existing analyses are free to view. Users can generate new meanings of AI songs by registering and creating an account, which provides a credit price quotation.

Songtell Alternative

  1. Song Meaning AI: Its AI analyzes and reveals the hidden narratives in song lyrics.
  2. In The Song: It is an AI tool that deciphers song lyrics meanings & stories.
  3. SONOTELLER: Its AI simplifies music understanding about lyrics, music properties, language recognition, main genres, instruments, and more.

Is Songtell accurate?

Yes, Songtell is accurate, but it may not always be accurate, it provides quick interpretations from a literal perspective.

Does Songtell use AI?

Yes, Songtell uses AI to provide interpretations of songs. Its AI analyzes words and compares them with a vast database of song information to generate meanings that resonate with music lovers.


Songtell is an AI tool to discover the hidden meanings of your favorite songs. It offers over 20,000 AI-generated song meanings are available on its homepage. It also has a dedicated subreddit community where users can discuss and share their thoughts on song meanings.

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