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Talkpal is an AI language learning platform powered by GPT that helps users boost their speaking, listening, writing, and pronunciation skills. Its AI tutor teaches over 55+ languages. It is the best source for those who already have a basic understanding of a chosen language. It is available for free and paid plans cost $11.9 per month. Gliglish is the best alternative to TalkPal.
A GPT powered AI language tutor with over 55 languages.
Boost your speaking, listening, writing, and pronunciation skills

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If you are looking for an AI tutor that helps you to learn a new language quickly, TalkPal is the best platform because it supports 55+ languages and offers a unique learning experience that covers all aspects of language acquisition listening, speaking, reading, and writing. 

It works like a companion designed to make your journey into a new language immersive, effective, and enjoyable. It also has the ability to create realistic and engaging conversations that closely mimic interactions with native speakers. 

TalkPal allows users to engage in unlimited conversations on various interesting topics such as writing or speaking. Users can also chat with the AI tutor for any query, and get personalized feedback and suggestions in real-time to accelerate progress.

It is designed to optimize language retention and improve fluency. Each lesson is based on your goals, learning pace, and language level. Users can also train their AI tutor tailored to their learning needs

TalkPal supports language learning in a wide range of languages, including English, French, German, Arabic, Finnish, Spanish, Italian, Ukrainian, Swedish, Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Hindi, Dutch, Portuguese, Afrikaans, Bulgarian, and 40 more, totaling 57 languages.

It is an excellent language learning tool for both casual learners and professionals requiring new language skills for their careers. TalkPal is not good for absolute beginners, users must have basic knowledge of the chosen language.

It offers 7 different learning moods:

  1. ChatChat: Chat mode allows users to talk with an AI tutor. Pick a topic, and start chatting.
  2. Sentence Mode: Learn the basic vocabulary of the chosen language. Start speaking and receive feedback for each sentence.
  3. Call Mode: This method sharpens listening skills and mirrors real-life conversational experiences.
  4. Roleplays: Practice language from daily conversations to creative and fantastic dialogues.
  5. Characters: Improve your conversation skills with historical or fictional characters.
  6. Photo Mode: It involves describing images and getting real-time feedback.
  7. DebatesDebates: Enhance your language skills as you defend your arguments against all-knowing AI.

TalkPal Pros and Cons

  • It’s a GPT-powered AI language tutor that helps you learn and improve your language skills.
  • It lets you practice listening, speaking, reading, and writing in your chosen language. 
  • It offers different features to boost your confidence and competence in your target language.
  • Receive personalized feedback and suggestions in real time to accelerate progress.
  • Available for free and offers a 14-day free trial for all its premium subscribers.


  • It is not good for absolute beginners.
  • More languages and accents could be added in the future.

TalkPal Pricing

TalkPal Basic Plan is free and the premium plan cost is $11.9 per month. If you join the annual plan, you will get a 50% discount which means its cost is $5.99 per month for the annual plan.

Premium Plan Features

  • Unlimited practice
  • Roleplay & modes
  • Personalized learning
  • Advanced voices
  • Ads free

My Experience with TalkPlal

I have joined TalkPlal by signing up with a Google account. I have chosen the native and target language to continue the learning process. It offers 7 learning modes, and only the chat mode is available for free. I have started chatting to improve my language skills.

Experience with TalkPlal

It allows me to chat as a text or chat in voice mode. I have utilized the text mode. It also allows me to translate the answer. Just, click on the Translate button and get an answer in your selected native language.

I prefer that 1st utilize its free version, if you like the free version, then join the paid version. TalkPlal is not good for absolute beginners and not useful for gaining fluency in the new language.

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