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Uizard io is an easy to use design and ideation tool to create app, web, and UI design accessible to all users. It streamlines the design process and empowers users to to create digital products, mobile apps, website mockups, and wireframes in minutes. It offers a  Free  plan for students and paid plan cost start from $12-49$. Uimagic is the best alternative to Uizard io.
Bring your product vision to life in minutes.
Create designs from sketches and screenshots.

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If you are looking for a tool to create user interface (UI) designs for mobile apps, webpages, and more, Uizard is the best option because it is a design tool that focuses on turning wireframes into fully functional web and mobile app designs. Its Autodesigner tool lets you enter an idea in plain text which it quickly converts into an editable mockup. 

It is an AI-powered design assistant that allows non-designers to build interactive prototypes for web and mobile apps without learning complex tools like Adobe Suite, Sketch, Figma, etc. Users can also take hand-drawn design sketches (wireframes) and screenshots into editable mockups. 

It is easy to use, Just upload a screenshot of your inspiration and its AI Assistant will automatically generate a unique UX design style. It automatically adds fonts, color palettes, and pictures to the generated designs.

If you want more customization, it has a user-friendly drag-and-drop editor to create a unique design. It also allows users to generate new themes and images from text input. It is an end-to-end solution for anyone looking to bring their UI/UX design ideas to life quickly and efficiently. 

Uizard Video Overview

Overall, Uizard is designed to empower both designers and non-designers. Whether you are a decision-maker, manager, engineering team, or business analyst, Uizard is the best AI auto-design tool because it quickly and effortlessly creates interactive prototypes for web and mobile apps without installing traditional design software.

Pros and Cons of Uizard


  • Transform your sketches and screenshots into interactive prototypes with remarkable speed and accuracy.
  • It supports web and mobile app design, making it a versatile tool for design projects.
  • Best platform to create wireframes, mockups, and clickable prototypes in a matter of minutes.
  • Creates UI themes from images or URLs and Crafts visually coherent interfaces inspired by existing materials.
  • It offers 100+ templates and can convert your wireframes into actual prototypes just by letting you upload an image.
  • It is available as a web-based application and don’t need to download and install software or worry about updates.


  • Users can not create sketches from scratch directly in Uizard.
  • Its features are not good for advanced users.

How to Use Uizard io?

Access the Uizard website


You need to access the website with the following URL ( To use its functionality, You must have an account. Sign up with Google and start using its functionality.

Explore the Uizard Dashboard


After creating an account, You need to select the free plan and start using it. On its Homepage, It offers 4 options start a new blank project, start from a screenshot, generate with autodesigner, and start from a template.

Create a project from A Screenshot


Upload a screenshot of your work. You can also design images from scratch. It will make a design like PowerPoint slides. It works like a PowerPoint software.

Generate with Autodesigner


You need to add your design in a text format on its textbox. When users add the vision in a text format, click on the continue button. Upload a demo screenshot and URL to create a relevant design for your idea.


After that, It will generate a unique design related to your text. It also allows users to customize or change the images and designs to create unique results.

Uizard io Pricing

Uizard offers a free plan with limitations.

  • Unlimited creators
  • Export to PNG, JPG, PDF
  • 2 projects

Uizard pro plan cost is $19 per Month.

  • Everything from Free
  • Access to Autodesigner
  • Unlimited screens
  • Unlimited components
  • 100 projects
  • Access to all templates
  • Save 100 custom templates

Uizard pro plan cost is $39 per Month.

  • Everything from Pro
  • Everything unlimited
  • Priority Support

Uizard io Alternatives

  • Leonardo AI: It uses cutting-edge artificial intelligence to transform your words into stunning visuals.
  • Ideogram AI: It is an AI tool that combines text and AI-generated images to create stunning artwork, logos, and designs. 
  • Bing AI Image Generator: It is an AI-powered tool that allows users to create unique images based on textual prompts. 

Who are Uizard competitors?

Leonardo AI, Ideogram AI, and Bing AI Image Generator are the best competitors of Uizard.

Is Uizard completely free?

No, Uizard offers a free plan with limitations and its pro plan cost is $19 and the business plan cost is $39.


Uizard is a design generation tool that simplifies and accelerates the design process, from wireframes to interactive prototypes. It is the best choice for both individual designers and design teams because it has multi-platform compatibility.

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