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AICheatCheck is the best educational tool to verify the student's work. It is the best tool to help teachers, professors, and other academic staff detect the presence of a GPT model. It is easy to use. Just enter the text and click on check, It will provide the percentage of AI and Human. The best thing is that It is available for free.
It accurately distinguishes AI-generated content.
It is designed to verify the authenticity of students work.

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If you are looking for an AI tool that will detect AI Content, AICheatCheck is the best tool because it is an educational assistant tool crafted to preserve academic integrity in educational institutions. It is a very helpful tool to detect the presence of GPT-generated content.

This is the best tool for teachers, professors, and other academic staff to check that submitted work is genuinely created by students, so it is an excellent resource for universities and colleges striving to maintain academic integrity.

One of the best features is its accuracy rate, 99.7% which means it will analyze the content with in-depth algorithms. It also has the ability to analyze sentence structure and readability. 

Many Students use AI to make assignments, so it is very helpful for professors to detect the AI Content. With the help of this tool, Academic staff can easily check for plagiarism and ensure that the work submitted by students is authentic.

Who Can Use AICheatCheck?

  1. University professors and college administrators.
  2. Educators and teachers to authenticate Student Homework.
  3. Students who want to ensure their work is not flagged as AI-generated.
  4. Companies who want verification of submitted work.
  5. Academic researchers studying the use of AI in education and academic integrity.

Features of AICheatCheck

  • High accuracy: It will detect the AI content with a high accuracy rate of 99.7%.
  • In-depth analysis: It is a very helpful tool to analyze the structure of the phrases and readability to ensure that student work is not created by AI.
  • Demo Availability: Universities and companies can schedule a demo or contact AICheatCheck through their website.
  • Compatible: It is compatible with English language text and is most accurate when used on text that exceeds 50 words. It is only available on the Website.

How to use AICheatCheck?

Step 1: Open the Website

This website is available on the web. You can access the website with the following URL (

Step 2: Enter the Text


You need to enter the text to check the accuracy rate. It only works in English and is most accurate above 50 words.

Step 3: Click On Check Button


When you click on the check button, it analyzes all the content in a few seconds. After that, It shows the percentage of Human or AI content. I have also entered a text and checked the accuracy of the content. It shows me zero percent AI Content.

AICheatCheck Overview

AICheatCheck Alternatives

  1. GPTZero: It is an AI-powered content detection tool tailored to identify AI-generated text.
  2. Copyleaks: Its AI Content Detector helps you know if what you’re reading was written by a person or generated by AI.
  3. Undetectable AI: It is an innovative tool crafted specifically to detect AI-written text.


AICheatCheck is the best tool to help educators and institutions ensure academic integrity by detecting AI-generated content in student work with high accuracy. It analyzes sentence structure and readability to identify potential plagiarism from large language models and offers demos and clear privacy policies for universities, colleges, and companies.

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