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CollovGPT is an interior design tool to create home designs at the speed of imagination. Upload any home part picture and explain your design idea in the prompt, Its Ai will turn your pics according to your provided prompt. It also provides premade styles from mid-century to bohemian, coastal to modern, and even farmhouse.
It can be used to generate and test different room styles and designs.
It allows users to create their own unique style by uploading a reference image.

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If you are looking for an AI assistant to create a design for your home, CollovGPT is the best platform because it uses AI to generate personalized designs for your home or business. It will generate a visualization of the room based on users’ inputs. 

CollovGPT is an interior design tool that helps you visualize your dream space. You can input your style preferences and get realistic renderings in seconds. They also have a real-time chat feature to discuss edits and get multiple design options. This tool is designed to streamline the design process.

CollovGPT Review

Collov will help you bring your dream space to life. It uses smart technology to create realistic and stylish renditions of your ideas, whether you’re a professional designer or a homeowner. You can also choose design from various design styles. After entering the prompt, You can see your vision come to life with real-time visualizations.

Its intelligent algorithms and real light shadow effects make your designs look close to real space. This not only helps you visualize your ideas better, but it also streamlines the design process, freeing you to be more creative.

It isn’t only good for homeowners, but also good for interior designers, furniture vendors, cabinet retailers, and even digital marketers can all benefit from this platform.

It offers a variety of features and benefits, including personalized design consultations, 3D visualizations, furniture selection, custom color schemes, and lighting plans.


  • It offers real light and shadow effects to make your designs look like real spaces.
  • It has drag-and-drop functionality for easy customization.
  • Its AI automatically identifies room structures for faster editing.
  • It offers eight pre-defined design styles to jumpstart your creativity.
  • Its AI suggests design options based on your preferences.
  • Easy to upload photos and replace specific elements with floors, walls, furniture, and more.


  • It may not be able to provide the desired perfection or quality.
  • Its AI can not understand the special creative vision.

How To Use Collov AI?

It is easy to use for beginners and new users.

Step 1: Access The Website Collov AI

I have opened the website from the following URL ( It is available originally in the Chinese language, but you can also convert it into the English language.

Step 2: Upload Your Home or Room Pics

It does require an account first, but you can also create an account on this platform to save your design. You need to select the design you want to modify (e.g. floor, wall, furniture). I have also uploaded a pic on this platform and chosen a style.

Step 3: Explain the Idea In the Prompt

Explain the Idea in Prompt or select the space and design to replace it. It is very easy, Users can easily drag and drop styles in the empty spaces.

Step 4: Download The Design

When You complete your Design, Simply Click on the Download button.

CollovGPT Pricing

It offers free, premium, and Enterprise Plan.

  • Its Premium Plan cost starts from ¥ 19.9.
  • For Enterprise Plan Contact The Team.

You will get the following features in the paid plan:

  • Zoom up to high-resolution
  • Fast generation speed
  • No watermark
  • Keep uploaded and generated images private

CollovGPT Alternatives

  • InteriorAI: Transform your interior with AI-generated designs and virtual staging.
  • REimagine Home: Transform any space with AI-generated personalized design concepts.
  • Virtual House Flip: AI-powered remodeling tool for stunning home transformations.


Collov AI empowers anyone to create beautiful and functional interior designs with ease and efficiency. It can help streamline the design process for professionals, showcase products in different settings, and create visualizations that help clients see their projects come to life.

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