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Paid is a very useful tool to generate personalized stories. You can generate stories about virtually anything. Its chat features allow users to interact and role-play with AI characters. It covers various genres, including adventure, fantasy, romance, and even erotica.
Create personalized fiction stories across various genres like romance, fantasy, and adventure.
Generate personalized stories about anything

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DreamPress is an AI story generator that creates personalized fiction stories about anything based on Text inputs. It is designed to help writers, bloggers, and marketers generate high-quality content efficiently and accurately for different purposes. Users can create their own stories or choose from a library of featured stories with them as the main characters.

It provides a variety of tools that streamline the writing process related to various genres such as romance, erotic, fantasy, and adventure. It is also a valuable resource for producing articles, blogs, and other written content that mostly focuses on fiction stories.

With Dreampress, you no longer have to struggle with writer’s block or organizing your thoughts because it also helps users in idea generation, improving story structure, and ensuring a smooth writing process overall. Review

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If you are looking for a tool that will help you create stories and images, Dreampress AI is the best platform because it allows users to generate personalized stories instantly and bring their creative visions to life with ease. Its AI also helps you organize and structure your story so that it flows well from beginning to end.

It supports numerous genres, including romance, fantasy, adventure, and NSFW content. It also has a chat mode to engage users in conversations with AI characters.

Dreampress AI also offers an image library that enables users to visually enrich their stories. It also has a grammar and spell-checker to make sure your story is polished and free of mistakes.

Users can also generate images of anything by adding a text prompt. Its image generation process is safe to use because Dreampress AI does not allow users to produce NSFW images.


  • It generates a personalized story according to the user’s preferences.
  •  It allows users to write stories with interesting characters.
  • It has a free AI image generator to instantly create stunning and realistic AI images.
  • It also has a free plan where users can generate up to eight stories per day.
  • It allows users to generate captivating fiction by using relevant tags and titles that align with the genre and story.


  • Image access is limited in the free plan.
  • Its free plan restricts daily story generation.

Features of Dreampress AI


  • Personalized Story Generation: Write your vision into text. After that, its AI generates stories according to your preferences and interests.
  • AI Story Writer: It allows users to generate the Novel and story. Users can create their own stories from scratch or choose their existing featured stories as a starting point.
  • Variety of Genres: It also allows users to create stories with a wide range of genres, including adventure, fantasy, romance, and even erotica.
  • Image Generation: Users can also generate images of anything by adding a text prompt. It only generates SFW images, not NSFW.
  • AI Character Chat Mode: Chat with its existing characters related to any topic. Its chat mode engages users in conversations with AI characters.

My Experience With Dreampress AI

I have opened the website by the following URL ( I scroll down the whole website, so it is easy to use even for beginners. To use its tools I Click on the button and sign up to join the platform. I have joined the platform by entering my username and email.

use Dreampress AI

After that, I got the confirmation link on Gmail and opened the site to explore more features. I clicked on the chat section entered the text ‘Jams was crying ‘ and clicked a generated character. After that, he asked me to customize the character like gender, tags, and Character appearance.

Dreampress AI Chatbot

After clicking on continue, I have access to the chatbot where I can send SMS and images. I asked the chatbot to send me some jokes he sent me two jokes.

Overall, DreamPress AI is good to use and I have used it for story generation. It has a free plan with limitations and you can use a paid plan with paid plans. On Trsutpilot, has a 4.5 out of 5 rating based on ‎51 reviews. On Trsutpilot, has a 4.5 out of 5 rating based on ‎51 reviews.

DreamPress AI Alternatives

  1. Mytales: It is an AI-powered story generator that brings imagination to life with AI assistance.
  2. FictionGPT: It is an AI tool designed to assist writers in creating fictional stories by providing vision.
  3. Custom Story Creator: It generates a unique AI novel and story based on user-provided text prompts.

Is DreamPress AI free?

DreamPress AI offers two plans: a free plan that allows users to generate up to eight stories per day and a paid unlimited plan for $14.39 per month, which includes unlimited story generation and 1000 images per month. Its AI story writer feature is free to use, enabling users to create personalized fiction stories about anything.


Overall, DreamPress AI is a valuable tool for content creation and storytelling, offering features like AI story generation, a wide range of genres, customizable story elements, and an image library. 

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